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Lawyer in practice since 2014, after 20 years of experience as a Manager in the Banking Sector.
Both my professional experience and my academic training have been focused at all times on the Advisory of Companies in the area of ​​Labor Law, Banking and Financial Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Urban Law, and Human Resources.
In Labor Law, I am an expert in Social Jurisdiction with extensive experience in dismissals and union relations.

- Juan Manuel España Mellado - 

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Areas of Expertise

Professional Presentation

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Labor Law

Since the year 1994 in which I graduated as a Social Graduate, today I am a Graduate in Labor Relations, all my academic activity has been directed to the knowledge of the world of Labor Relations, obtaining in 2006 the Bachelor of Labor Sciences and subsequently the title of Expert in Social Jurisdiction, which together with my experience of Union Relations, makes me have a very deep perspective of the labor world, both of the employee, self-employed (RETA) and PYMES. The experience in Social Jurisdiction makes me a reference as a Labor Lawyer in Málaga and Costa del Sol, collaborating with numerous tax and labor consultancies.


Banking and Financial Law

My professional exercise in the relative thing to Bank and Financial Law comes based on the experience of 20 years in the bank sector, where I have developed the Director's labor of bank office in all his facets between the year 1989 and 2009. This wide knowledge of banking does me to move with a facility in the bank relations between particular clients and SMEs, especially in improper clauses and lack of transparency, being one of the successes the establishment of agreements before the jurisdictional civil route, directly with the negotiation before the bank companies.

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Business Law

With a wide knowledge of the Capital companies, it is allowed that Juan Manuel España Mellado should be the solution of his needs in Company law, being able to advise him to realize Mergers, Absorptions of companies, for a better structure of his activity, as well as modification of his Social Bylaws for a major efficiency in his succession.... Juan Manuel will combine his comprehension of the general panorama of the case with the complexity of the interactions and daily experiences beside offering proactive solutions to any problematics that it raises between partners and inheritors.


Tax Law

Juan Manuel España Mellado, as Expert in Tax law and Fiscal Advising, has the knowledge, the capacities and the experience to advise Successions and Donations his clients in cases relative to relations with the AEAT in all his taxes, IRPF, AJD Imposed of Companies, as well as to advise and to obtain an effective management before a Fiscal Inspection. 

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Construction Law

 Juan Manuel España counts in his curriculum with the Expert's qualifications in Urban development Law issued by the University San Paul Ceu of Madrid, having advised to different signatures promoters of the Costa del Sol in the urban development planning, as well as in the management with the municipal competent entities for the obtaining of the urban development Licenses necessary for the development of the real-estate promotion that together with his bank experience it leads to him individuals to realizing an integral management of the promotion with final positive, rapid and effective results. 

Consultant at INCYDE

 All my academic and professional experience has led me to be a consultant authorized by the Foundation INCYDE, dedicated to the formation in the Chambers of commerce in Spain. Consultant authorized in the subject of FINANCE by the extensive experience in banking, as well as JURIDICAL FISCAL for my knowledge in the fiscal area of the company and JURIDICAL SOCIAL for my knowledge in the labor area as well as HUMAN RESOURCES, which allows to advise to ENTERPRISING futures across the formation given in the Chambers of commerce by the whole national territory.

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Academic Backround

Currícilum Vitae

Juan.Manuel España Mellado

- Bachelor Degree in Law at National University of Distance Education (UNED).

- Bachelor Degree in Work Sciences and Human Resources at University of Málaga (UMA).

- Bachelor Degree in Social Graduated/Labour Relations at University of Granada (UGR).

- Master in Team Management and Leadership at University of San Pablo Ceu (Madrid).

- Expert in Tax Law and Tax Advice at ESINE (Madrid).

- Expert in Construction Law at University of San Pablo Ceu (Madrid).

- Expert in Social Jurisdiction at University of Málaga (UMA).

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Calle Hilera 5, 6º-H - Edificio Santander II - 
29007 - Málaga


952 276  978 / 661 563 585

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